Sun Catering Services in Chennai

We go by the saying, ‘You become what you eat’. Our melange of dishes, when consumed, brings out the best version of yourself. Sun Catering, based in Chennai, originated when we realized that there was a lack of a comprehensive catering service. So we decided to begin a catering service that was not circumscribed or limited. We undertake both small scale and large-scale party orders. We’re here to serve everyone. From boxed lunches to banquet hall lunches, and Indian to Chinese food, our services know no bounds. We serve a health-conscious menu, go above and beyond what is expected of us and embody the zeal of all food lovers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to appease your palates with food that melts your taste buds; to expand our services far and wide, that is, to serve not just a city, state, or country but the entire world. We aspire to blur the boundaries between us and our customers and be a household name that rings in people’s minds when it comes to catering.

Our Vision

Our vision is to rid the world of hunger, one plate at a time; to serve freshly cooked meals that are both natural and healthy, and to promulgate our agenda to everyone. We seek to create a world of mirthful galas that strike a merry chord in those who taste our food and bring out a deluge of gratified emotions.

Services of Area

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there caterers exclusive to certain events?

Yes, there are. Some caterers only cater to weddings or corporate events while others cater to all types of events.

2. Do they offer food tasting?

Yes, once you confirm a caterer, a sample menu basis your needs and requirements is prepared for you to taste. In addition, many catering firms accept custom orders too, in case of any special dietary requirements.

3. Will they provide catering staff for the event?

Of course. Along with food, catering firms will have service and bar staff cater to your guests at the event.

4. Where do caterers prepare the food?

Caterers either prepare the food at their centralised kitchen and bring it to your event venue, or they prepare the food at the event venue in a makeshift kitchen. Please confirm your choice on this while booking.

5. What is the approximate cost for best catering services in Chennai?

The catering cost depends upon the type of event and the quantity of food. The average minimum cost of event catering starts at Rs. 5000.